About Us

Welcome to Mount Carmel

Located in the heart of one of Mumbai’s fastest growing suburbs, Vasai, Mount Carmel High School & Junior College offers unlimited opportunities to students with talent, confidence and ambition to succeed. The college with its immense teaching excellence and expertise is committed to support all students in reaching their study and career goals. We have a wonderful team of friendly and caring teachers who are experts in working with college students. At Mount Carmel, your education will extend far beyond your academic learning. Extra curricular activities will complement your studies and create wonderful opportunities for pursuing your life long passions and novel interests.

Your journey towards success begins here.


The commitment of the college to deliver high quality education begins with the quality of our teaching staff. Our teaching staff comes from a variety of academic disciplines. They are united in their commitment to provide students with an educational setting that ensures academic & excellence.

If you are an artist, you will flourish here. At Mount Carmel, you will find many courses and competitions in music, visual arts, drama and dance. Your education will extend far beyond your studies. Even if you are not yet an artist, consider the possibilities.

When students get involved in community service, they not only help others, they expand their world view, develop empathy and leadership skills allowing them to improve the reality of life of others. At Mount Carmel, we encourage students to volunteer their free time to engage in community service, thereby providing them an opportunity to apply academic learning to real life events. Serving meals at an orphanage, running a food bank for the hungry, take an elderly neighbor for a walk, cleaning trash from a nearby garden all this become a part of our Mount Carmel experience.

At Mount Carmel, our goal is to see healthier and happier students reach higher potentials in academic and personal growth. Training will be provided in activities like athletics, martial arts, yoga, football, cricket, badminton, etc.

Even if you are not in team sports there are plenty of less intense, solitary options.

Mount Carmel Career Guidance and Counseling Programs aim to help students get more information about better educational and career choices.

Activities associated with career guidance and counseling purpose

  • Advising students and parents on degree and professional college programs and preparing them for higher education admissions.
  • Planning and prepairing  students for entrance examinations.
  • Arranging career guidance workshops and  presentations that focus on job skills and personal development .
  • Providing specialized counseling and services for education abroad.